Polish Jura – administrative division

Polish Jura (Krakow-Czestochowa Jura/Krakow-Wielun Jura) is a various tourist region. Trying to determine its border based on e.g. geological structure, geographic regions, locations of medieval castles or battles of World War II we will see that they are not located exactly in the same area. This is why attempting to mark clearly and precisely the borders of Polish Jura seems to be impossible.

Keeping in mind as many attractions as it possible connected with the region and transport net – you can see below administrative units who can be aim of tour or a place you have to pass to get to your destination.

Perspective of Czestochowa

List below was written from the perspective of Czestochowa what has mattered how the region is shown.

First effect of it is that you can see on the list places located far away from Czestochowa or core of the region because of their uniqueness in their neighborhood. E. g. Mokrsko, Jedrzejow and Tenczyn where you can find monuments of romanesque architecture quite rare in this part of Poland.

Second effect is that plenty of places from Silesia province were taken into account because Czestochowa is part of it. Also in this province is a lot of brand new tourist trails and strong and consistent promotion of all province. It is also quite important because nearby is conurbation of Katowice, home of huge group of people who can become tourists and I think it is worth to get to know something about area between their home and Polish Jura.

Polish Jura – administrative division


Opole province – counties and communes:

  • county of Olesno
    • commune of Rudniki

Lodz province – counties and communes:

Silesia province – counties and communes:

Malopolska province – counties and communes:

  • county of Miechow
  • county of Chrzanow
    • commune of Chrzanow
    • commune of Trzebinia
    • commune of Libiaz
    • commune of Babice
    • commune of Alwernia

Is the Polish Jura really so huge?

No. It isn’t so huge as all terrain belonging to all these administrative units.

I hope I will write here articles about Polish Jura and surroundings. That is why I decided to write list of units as full as it possible, which become over time table of contents where every chapter would be corresponding with one administrative chapter.


Ustawa z dnia 24 lipca 1998 r. o wprowadzeniu zasadniczego trójstopniowego podziału terytorialnego państwa.

Mapa podziału terytorialnego Polski